вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Finally I got a new vacuum cleaner, but not simple, and wireless and so tiny! I do not know how much I have suffered with his old, if not Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot Cleaner.

Just a few weeks ago, I helped clean the conventional vacuum cleaner, which is very inconvenient to store, purify (the endless dusty bags), and the worst thing - to clean up blockages from the middle of the hose.

The modelBissell SpotClean, no cables, hoses, and instead of a bag of garbage plastic container, but first things first.

That is so bright package came to me a vacuum cleaner. All very compactly stowed, and has a handle for easy transport.

1. Detachable hand vacuum.

Attached two filters, and plastic container for garbage collection.

Fine filter

2. The housing with a handle.

3. The lower part of the vacuum cleaner (foot, as I call it), with built-in turbo brush.

Worth hard enough - this tip is easy to cope with the accumulation of debris in the carpet pile.

4. "Parking" to charge and power supply.
Base Charging is easy to assemble, it is resistant and can even be hung on the wall. on the back side of it has compartments for extra accessories.

5. Additional nozzles.
The pile brush
The narrow nozzle

Both nozzles are mounted directly to a removable hand-held vacuum cleaner, "tight" sit. With their help it is not difficult to comb pet hair, or hide in narrow places inaccessible.


Here everything as simple as possible! Block turbo brush is attached to the main body and then attached handle.

We'll have to tighten a small screw to the handle is securely attached to the housing.

Just fastened together two parts of "parking", charge the vacuum cleaner and you're ready to harvest.
It looks like a vacuum cleaner when assembled:

This time I is enough to clean the whole house, and I use it not only for cleaning Palacio, but also the removal of debris from the floor and upholstered furniture.

During charging, the button indicator is flashing red with a frequency of 1 every 2 seconds. As soon as the vacuum cleaner is charged, the indicator will illuminate continuously. If the button is flashing quickly, then vacuum cleaner is not properly installed.

The great advantage of this model is the lack of wires and the opportunity to take a vacuum cleaner on the street, for example, to remove the vehicle.

To remove the manual vacuum cleaner, you must hold down two buttons on the body:

Operation starts with pressing a button on the handle of the vacuum cleaner or removable.

Bissell SpotClean - one of the most powerful models of vacuum cleaners in the wireless market in its price category.

More powerful upright vacuum cleaner will cost several times more expensive.

The quality level of cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is easy to cope with the dirt on all surfaces. It is not necessary to collect or attempt to disassemble, simply remove the platform and recharge after each cleaning, besides, as I said above, the platform can be suspended.